I would like to thank the following people for their support in helping me reach my destination, or for their donation to one of the organizations that I am raising funds for.  Also, many people along the journey donated a meal, a haircut, time spent in their home, a place to sleep for the night, or simply praise and kindness.  Without your support and donations, this journey would not be possible. A big THANK YOU to everyone who contributed! (**Please note that this list is not yet complete).


Date: Name: Company: City/State:


4/22/10 Lynn Jones N/A Tallahassee, FL  
4/23/10 Bill & Lori Walker B & L Trucking, Inc. Bristol, TN/VA  
5/8/10 Mark Pascarelli N/A Hanover, MA  
5/13/10 Fred Trask N/A Cypress, TX  
5/24/10 Mark Pascarelli N/A Hanover, MA  
6/22/10 Gerald Powell N/A Chicago, IL  
6/22/10 Harry Collings N/A Boston, MA  
6/26/10 Leslie Baker N/A Flagstaff, AZ  

"Every journey in life always begins with a single step." ~Salvatore Pascarelli